Learn Something New

Start of this activity with a short message about how each of us has a world of possibilities around us. This is the right time to expose ourselves to new experiences so we can discover our passions and interests. The main point is that God is excited to work through them in their current and future endeavors.

Invite some older brothers and sisters to create mini stations where youth can learn a new skill or be introduced to a new hobby.

Anything works for these stations, the point is we want your youth to feel excited about their potential. Here are a few ideas:

  • Drawing/Art

  • Dance

  • Singing in a choir/harmonies

  • Engine of a Car

  • Taking pictures

  • Making a movie/video

  • Building a fire

  • Teaching a new language (Japanese, Sign language etc.)

  • (Use whatever your staff are interested/excited about so that they can share their passions with their younger brothers and sisters)