When we pray hard to God and we ask Him very hard, sometimes we feel God does not hear anything at all that you are praying for. Sometimes you feel that He has deserted you, but even in that situation you must keep your faith in God. That is one test, but God is always protecting you behind the scenes.
Sun Myung Moon (Leaders’ Speech, 3-16-72)

With such a conviction, I plow my way through to the end. With this unyielding conviction, I will plow my way forward no matter what hardships and troubles I face.
CSG, Book 7, Chapter 3, Section 3, Verse 6

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~ Rumi

Every new day is another chance to change your life. ~Rumi

Don’t be afraid of tomorrow; God is already there. ~ Rumi

Even though you are faced with difficulty, remind yourself of this-when you go through hardships, you must think of obstacles as a challenge to build a better world. By giving your glory to God on the earth plane you can go through victories with lightheartedness and you will discover that a multitude of spirit men are mobilized to help us.
Sun Myung Moon (Master Speaks on Opening Day, 1/16/73)

When you are faced with difficulties that look really bad, you may feel as though you are going to perish-but there is always a way out if you look for one.
Sun Myung Moon (Mind the Environment in Advancing Forward, 5/25/73)

The deeper we go into the realms of spiritual growth, the more difficulties we encounter. Until we cast off and rise above all selfish desires of our body, we face all kinds of resistance.
CSG, Book 4, Chapter 4, Section 2, Verse 7

I said to myself, “I cannot hold God accountable for anything. I have to hold myself accountable to follow my conscience and fulfill my mission. Therefore, there is no situation in which I can ask someone else to take responsibility. I must take responsibility myself.”
CSG, Book 4, Chapter 1, Section 2, Verse 31

The more seriously we practice our faith, the greater the trials we encounter and the more we want our faith to become deeper, wider and more enduring.
CSG, Book 8, Chapter 1, Section 3, Verse 9

A life of faith involves overcoming the constraints of our environment, making breakthroughs every day and constantly seeking new paths.
CSG, Book 8, Chapter 1, Section 3, Verse 11

A life of faith is a real battle. We must be victorious in this battle.
CSG, Book 8, Chapter 1, Section 5, Verse 5

Similarly, you should undertake a major action only after confirming again and again in your mind that you are going the right way. Otherwise you should not undertake such an action, and before you take the first step you have to strengthen your resolve ten thousand times. If you do this, you will be able to resolve whatever crises you face as you go forward. That is a life of faith.
CSG, Book 8, Chapter 1, Section 1, Verse 18

A life of faith is not aimless. A life of faith is like gathering the equipment required to reach a mountaintop, the summit of the highest peak. Hence when faced with an obstacle we should not make a detour around it. Instead we should proceed through the obstacle. When faced with hardships, we should determine not to give up , and be ready to face even greater difficulties.
CSG, Book 8, Chapter 1, Section 1, Verse 19

What should we do to find our lost self? We must remember God’s heart when He lost His children. Otherwise we cannot find our original self.
CSG Book 8, Chapter 2, Section 2, Verse 1


The wound is the place where the Light enters you. ~Rumi

Words of truth are those that stir a feeling of repentance in your heart, that move you so deeply that you become completely immersed in them, and that remain in your mind no matter how much you try to forget them. When you discover such words, you have found the words of truth that convey the principles of heavenly relationships.
CSG, Book 1, Chapter 1, Section 3, Verse 10

When you stand in front of Heaven, you have to reveal your shortcomings and recognize that you are a sinner. You need to become a lump of clay God can shape and mold as He pleases.
CSG, Book 8, Chapter 1, Section 3, Verse 18

The mind within you is your master. When you are tempted to do something wrong, your mind speaks up and says, “Don’t do it.” It interposes itself wherever you are seeks to become the master. Wherever you are, it instructs you, like your mother and your teacher.
CSG, Book 4, Chapter 1, Section 2, Verse 16

[Your conscience] is ever cleansing and removing anything impure, resolving your inner problems and guiding you to a higher place in life.
CSG, Book 4, Chapter 1, Section 2, Verse 17

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop. ~ Rumi

Even if you feel torn to pieces, sew yourself new clothes ~ Rumi