Super fun and high energy version of human tic tac toe!

  1. This game requires 18 players. If you have less than that, people can be assigned two numbers. If you have more than that, you can take turns through several rounds.
  2. Have all the youth find a partner and decide who will be the X and who will be the O.
  3. Have all the O’s stand and one side of the room, and vice versa for the X’s.
  4. Give each pair (one X and one O ) a number, 1-9.
  5. Line up 3 rows of 3 chairs like the 9 spaces of a tic tac toe board in the center of the room and have the two lines of youth stand near by.
  6. Call out a number “1-9”.
  7. When the number “1” is called, both the “X” and “O” of team “1” will run to the chairs and sit down. They must also hold an “X” or “O” above their head with their arms to indicate their team. The person who sits down and indicates their team first wins that round. They can stay seated, but their partner must go back to the line.
  8. First team to get three in a row wins!
    Here’s a helpful video demonstration:

Submitted by Mitsu Fukuzaki and the Tempe, AZ Youth Ministry