1. Split your group into two teams (boys vs. girls always makes for great competition!)
  2. Ask the defense to stack the boxes and position the pigs while the offense selects which students will launch the birds from the sling shot.
  3. Give the offense 4 launches (one for each bird) to bring down as many pigs as possible.
  4. Score points for each pig that is knocked down.
  5. After all 4 birds are launched, have the teams switch roles.
  6. Play as many rounds as long as you are having fun! (3 is probably good to start)

(Obviously, the hardest part of this game is the preparation. I suggest using cardboard boxes and dodge balls for the towers, and using some type of launcher for the sling shot. Be as cheap or as creative as you like. They’ll have fun no matter what!)
*** Make sure you test your launching out first!