Split into teams and have them compete in minute long challenges. Here are a few favorites, some of them require partners and some of them require just one person. The supplies of each activity are listed below.

You can find the blueprints and demo videos here. It’s fun to use these video’s before each activity to pump up the excitement and battle aspect.

  • penny hose (2 pairs of panty hose and 4 pennies),
  • paper dragon (4 rolls of streamers, or toilet paper),
  • face the cookie (cookies),
  • chocolate chip flip (cookies, baking sheet),
  • mad dog (tictacs, a stick/ruler),
  • johnny apple stack (apples),
  • nose dive (peanut butter, cotton balls),
  • ready spaghetti (spaghetti, empty soda cans),
  • office maximus (bouncy ball, things to knock down),
  • junk in the trunk ( probably 2 brothers, empty boxes, any small objects),
  • high strung (egg, rubber band, 2 bottles),
  • elephant march (pantyhose, base/tennis ball, items to knock over.),
  • egg dance (2 trays, 2 eggs),
  • tea party (baseball cap, tea bags)
  • yank me (5 plastic cups, stock paper)

Submitted by Maryjean Hunter and Cecile Caron and the Maryland Youth Ministry