1. Be clear on what you are fundraising for. Make it clear for others to understand.
  2. Plan a date and time. Make sure it is a timing and location when/where most people are available/located.
  3. Decide what kind of games you want to have and how to set them up.
  4. Options:      
    • Option 1: Have different board/card games in designated areas (Bananagrams, Taboo, etc.). I would try not to have a game that’s 1½ – 2 hours long, because that can isolate those people from the rest of the group.
    • Option 2: Have whole group games for everyone to play (Charades, Werewolf/mafia, Pictionary, Fishbowl, etc.)
  5. Spice up your event! Decide on what kind of food and drinks you want to have. People will more likely come if there is food. (You can also charge $1 – $2 for extra funds).
  6. Gather a playlist. Any event is boring if there is no music. Make/find a playlist and think about how you are going to have the music be played/heart (Speakers? Laptop?)
  7. Decide on a cost. If it’s too expensive, people won’t come. If it’s too little, you won’t make as much as you’d like. (One idea is to provide sibling discounts).
  8. Make an awesome, eye-catching flyer! People love visuals, and will be more attracted to a nice picture. is a great website for that.
    • Try to put a picture of what you are fundraising for on the flyer.
    • Put the event information: date, time, location, cost.
    • Add a contact person/information.
    • Make sure to say that the money raised will go toward the cause!
  9. Spread the word! Invite people! This is the tough part. Simply putting an event on Facebook may not be so effective. Make an event and invite all that you think can come and support, even if you don’t think they’ll come (they just might!)
  10. Make a Facebook event
  11. Announce the event at church (at least twice!)
  12. Make flyers if you can
  13. Call/text people a few days before the event (Get an idea for how many people are coming).
  14. Put a flyer on any other Facebook page you can (church page, youth group page, etc.)
  15. Set up and have fun!
  16. Have some cash on hand. The first few people may pay with large bills.
  17. Set up your drinks and food.
  18. Get your music up and running.
  19. Set up your games.
  20. Stay in an area close to the entrance to catch people when they come in. Greet them warmly (and also ask for their donation J). Don’t forget to say THANK YOU.
  21. Facilitate the event! Go around and socialize. Make sure people are all comfortable and playing something. Have you or someone help you to serve food and drinks (if it has to be served.)
  22. Count your funds! See how much you raised. Then, announce your success! Whether at church or on the event page. It’s good to follow up with people after a fundraised. Acknowledge everyone’s participation and give a warm thank you!

Example Game-Night Fundraiser (which was a success!)

  1. Fundraising for: A church member diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Funds allowed her to fly her family in and provide finances to make small day trips to spend time with them.
  2. Date/Time/Location: Saturday, May 23 from 7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. at a family’s house.
  3. Games: We had all the games set up in different parts of the house, but all still downstairs so people can stay close. Cards were also provided. Eventually, everyone got together and played Werewolf.
  4. Food/Drinks: Best part of the event. We bought delicious frozen meatballs and mini tacos that you can bake in the oven very quickly. We kept them warm and when people wanted some, we just opened the oven and put them on a plate for them. We sold each plate for $1.
    1. The success of the night was selling mocktails, sold for $2 each. So many people bought them!
    2. Florida Sunset: Pineapple/Orange Juice with Sprite and a splash of grenadine
    3. Ruby Red: Cranberry Juice and Sprite
    4. Place an orange slice on the side to be fancy
  1. Music: Spotify worked just fine. We played it on the computer speakers.
  2. Cost: $10 per person, $5 for every sibling.
  3. Flyer: See bottom.
  4. We raised over $700 dollars! Definitely unexpected. People even just gave donations. We sold more of the mocktails at church the next day for people who couldn’t make it.
Contributed by Leilani Owens and the Florida Youth Ministry

Contributed by Leilani Owens and the Florida Youth Ministry

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