1. This year instead of a regular gift exchange, try to pay it forward instead.
  2. Early on this month introduce this idea during Youth Group and assign each youth someone else from youth group (like Secret Santa). Also give them a list of all youth in youth group
    • (might be a good idea to post this on facebook or somewhere easily accessible).
  3. The idea is to find a way to love up the person they have been given. It could be anything from a massage, home baked good, message of encouragement, etc. But make it clear that this was from their “Pay It Forward Friend”
  4. Once someone has been loved up, they must now find someone else in youth group they can love up.
  5. Continue this process until the next youth group gathering occurs.
  6. Give it 2 weeks (with some reminders!) or so and then come back to Youth Group and share about all the ways we have loved each other up this month.
Let's Do ItManish Saluja