This activity is meant to be a fun discovery of our personality and talents and how we can use them to impact society

  1. Split into small groups
  2. Have the group work together to identify each person’s possible super hero power and super hero name.
    • It’s important to make sure that these abilities/powers are unique to each person and in some way represent their actual skills and talents.
  3. If you want to take it a step further you can include these topics too:
    • What would your day job be?
    • How do you travel?
    • What would be your weapon of choice?
    • Who/What would be your arch nemesis or kryptonite? 
  4. Optional: Have each person make their own mask or weapon out of art supplies to represent their new super hero alter ego.
  5. Optional: Introduce each person to the larger group by their new super hero name.
  6. End the activity with a debrief about how our super hero alter ego’s represent our potential to impact the larger society. Sometimes we doubt that we can have any type of impact, but let’s use our super hero alter ego’s as a reminder of our potential.

Supplies: possible art supplies for making masks/weapons