Example of how to spend a month contributing as a youth group: Each small group will take ownership over making and selling their own fundraising product in order to raise money to sponsor a child from Cambodia to attend one year of school.


In December, GO will be teaming up with WFWP and the Cambodia Foster Parent Program to provide donations for children to go to school. WFWP Japan partners with local Cambodians to locate vulnerable children and provide them with supplies. With just $150, a Cambodian child is able to attend one year of school.

Each week throughout December, GO will feature a combination of education about service and craft making. On Sundays, we will sell our crafts door-to-door in order to raise money towards our goal. We hope to raise enough funds to sponsor one child per small group. Sponsored children and GO participants can then have an exchange of pictures, letters, and cards that will help bridge the gap between continents. We hope that this exchange will inspire our participants to be global citizens who live service-minded lifestyles.


  • Saturday Nov 28: Intro to Youth Activism Month
    • During our “education” portion of GO, we will outline what youth activism is and explain our service project for Cambodia.
  • Saturday Dec 5th: Craft Making
    • Education: What is WFWP? We will have a speaker from NJ’s chapter of WFWP come and present on the work that they do.
    • Activities: Craft Making (Tentative Plan is to make chocolates)
  • Sunday Dec 6th: Fundraising after church
  • Saturday Dec 12th: Craft Making
    • Education: Lifestyle of Service. We will discuss the ways that service can break down barriers.
    • Activities: Craft Making (Project to be determined)
  • Sunday Dec 13th: Fundraising after church
  • Saturday Dec 19th:  Collection Day (Donations Due to WFWP Dec 31st)
    • Education: Worldwide culture of service/ Jesus’ attitude toward service
    • Activities: Christmas Party

Contributed by Raymond Burns, Stephanie Eby, Cienna Tardy, and the New Jersey Youth Ministry

Let's Do ItManish Saluja