The Three Great Blessings: To Multiply

Lesson Objective: Understand that 2nd Blessing is about building a loving family through which you are able to understand God on a deeper level.

Divine Principle Reading:

God’s second blessing was to be fulfilled by Adam and Eve after they had achieved individual perfection as object partners to God, each manifesting an aspect of God’s dual characteristics. In order to construct the four position foundation in their family, Adam and Eve should have joined in loving oneness as husband and wife and raised children. This would have been the fulfillment of the second blessing. A family or society that has formed the four position foundation in line with God’s ideal is patterned after the image of a perfect individual. It thus becomes the substantial object partner to the individual who lives in oneness with God, and consequently, it also becomes the substantial object partner to God. The individual feels joy, and likewise God feels joy, when each perceives in this family or community the manifestation of his own internal nature and external form. When God’s second blessing is fulfilled, this family or community also becomes a good object partner giving joy to God.

Activity: Building a Loving Family

1. Explain:

    1. After becoming a person who is one in heart with God we move onto the 2nd Blessing which is to build a loving family in which God’s love dwells.
    2. Draw and explain the 2nd Blessing 4 Position Foundation: God- Father- Mother- Child
    3. This 4 Position Foundation extends to include the child- family-society-nation-world

2. Discuss:

  1. Share about your favorite family tradition and why it has become your favorite.
  2. What family tradition would you like to institute in your future family?

3. Explain:

    1. When we think about what family traditions we would like to use in our future families, we can start to understand what our parents intention is for our family and ultimately what God’s intention is for us.
    2. We aim to have happy families full of love; God and our parents feel the exact same way.
    3. Our current families may fall short of that goal, but it’s important to remember that building a loving family centered on God takes time and patience.

4. Pair Share:

    1. What is a recent challenge or conflict you have experienced within your family?
    2. With this situation in mind, what can you do to help your family become the loving God-centered family they aim to be?

Concluding Point: The 2nd Blessing is about building a loving family centered on God. Although our families are not perfect, they give us an opportunity to be a part of building a happy and loving family.

Activity: The Family is the School of Love

1. Explain:

    1. God built the family as a school of love so that we could understand and experience God’s true love.
    2. The four realms of heart can be experienced within the family: child’s love, sibling love, conjugal love and parental love.

2. Use these songs and reflection points to connect to the four realms of heart:

  1. Child’s Love: 
  • Mommy by Selah Sue:
  • Reflect on this quote from the song: “So here I am to Thank you”
  • Write in a notebook/journal: What are you most grateful for when it comes to your Parents? How have they built a foundation for you to understand God?

     2. Sibling Love:

  • Brother by Needtobreathe featuring Gavin Degraw:
  • Reflect on this quote from the song: “Everybody needs someone beside them, shining like a lighthouse from the sea.”
  • Write in a notebook/journal: What brother or sister (physical or spiritual) has been your lighthouse? How have they helped you to grow into the person you are today?

     3. Conjugal Love

  • I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz:
  • Reflect on this quote from the song: “Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use the tools and gifts we got.”
  • Write in a notebook/journal: Think of a married couple that you respect and admire. How do you think their differences in personality have helped them understand God in a new way?

     4. Parental Love

  • Make You Feel My Love by Adele:
  • Reflect on this quote from the song: “I’d go hungry, I’d go black and blue, I’d go crawling down the avenue. No there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do to make you feel my love.”
  • Write in a notebook/journal: Think of a time in which you understood your parents in a new perspective, a new light. What did you learn about their intention, motivation and heart? What insight does that give you about God’s intention, motivation and heart?

Concluding Point: The family is the way in which we can understand God in the fullest capacity. Although an individual is holy and sacred, the family is even more so since it brings us closer to our Heavenly Parent.