1. Ask everyone to make a list of: (keep the list general, don’t overthink it)
    • Things you do for others during the week
    • Things you do for yourself during the week
  2. Provide two colors of tape (masking tape, duck tape, etc.) to each group and a permanent marker. Cut the tape into strips and have each person write 1 or 2 words on pieces of tape  that describes each item on their list.
    • Use one color for items on the “others” list
    • Use another color for items on the “self” list
  3. Have everyone put their pieces of tape on one arm.
  4. In small groups discuss:
    • 3 things that you do for others
    • 3 things that you do for yourself
  5. Have someone give a brief talk/testimony about the importance of being balanced in taking care of others and yourself: if we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t take care of others, if we only take care of ourselves then we aren’t taking care of those that we care about.
  6. Reflect:
    • Am i lopsided in one direction?
    • What habits can I change/include/get rid of to help me be more balanced?
  7. Discuss in small groups:
    • What is one habit you want to change to help you become more balanced?