Get Uncomfortable: Telling stories about uncomfortable moments, it starts out fun and then gets deep

This activity is meant to be done in small groups with a facilitator. The topic should be brought up and then the youth in the group can take turns sharing a personal story about a time they were in that situation. The facilitator should also definitely share stories. As the situations get deeper kids may feel less inclined to share, so the facilitator may need to practice asking individuals if they’ve experienced this situation before.

  1. Thought someone was waving at you, but they weren’t
  2. Forgot someone’s name
  3. Farting in public
  4. Sneezed and snot came out of your nose
  5. Pooping in a public restroom when someone goes in the stall next to you
  6. Talking with people who make you uncomfortable
  7. Owning Up to a Mistake
  8. Helping Someone through Illness or Grief