1. Introduce the Educational Process:
    • The Blessed Family Ministry has created three workshops that help to prepare for the blessing. Descriptions of those workshops can be found here: 
    • The Level 1 Blessing Workshop Curriculum is perfect for high school youth. It’s a great way to introduce them to the matching and blessing process. 
      • Being the Right Person- Level 1: This curriculum emphasizes becoming the right person before trying to find the right person. We compare infatuation with true love, dating with matching, and the ideal of the Blessing with traditional marriage. Personality tests and other self-evaluations are introduced, and participants are encouraged to make a plan for personal growth and relationship preparation. 
  2. Teach about the Process: 
    • Focus on your relationship with your parents
    • Focus on your relationship with God
    • Focus on your relationship with yourself:  Who Am I? Survey
  3. Host your own Level 1 Blessing Workshop
  4. Other videos: