This activity focuses on the idea of challenging our concepts about new friends and letting them into our lives.

  1. Ask the youth to think about the best parts of themselves and write it down into a few sentences
    • For example: I am a hardworking and dedicated person. I am creative and have interesting and fun ideas. I love people deeply and try to be there for them no matter what.
    • It’s a good idea to have a few staff members give an example of what they wrote down for this prompt.
  2. Ask the youth to also think about why it’s hard for them to make new friends or to let people into their lives and write it down.
    • For example: I’m afraid that if I let a new person into my life they will let me down. OR I’m afraid that people won’t like me.
    • It’s a good idea to have a staff member share their answer to this prompt as well.
  3. Have your group make two circles  (an inner and outer circle).
  4. Arrange the circles so that they are facing each other and each person has a partner. 
  5. Have the outer circle walk around the inner circle until you say stop. Then ask everyone to face their partner.
  6. Share a few sentences about why its difficult to let people into our hearts. Emphasize God’s heart towards all of His children despite the pain and challenges.
  7. Have the partners follow a dialogue in this fashion (it doesn’t have to be exact:
    • Have the first partner hold their arms in a circle about belly button height to represent their “circle.” Have them share why it’s hard for them to let people into their lives.
    • Have the second partner acknowledge what the first partner has said by repeating it back.
    • Have the second partner share the best parts of themselves.
    • Have the second partner reassure the first partner that they are trustworthy and ask “will you let me in your circle?”
    • The second partner should break through the arms of the first partner and give them a hug
    • Repeat the process by switching roles.
  8. You can repeat this as many times as you want by arranging new partners.
  9. At the end of the experience, finish by sharing the benefits of letting people into our lives and loving them.
Level 2Manish Saluja