1. Work with the youth to help identify who is in the circle of relationships
    1. You can use this worksheet: Who’s in your circle
    2. Or just mimic it on paper
  2. Ask the youth to look at their paper and try to see this paper from God’s point of view. Ask God who do you need me to connect with?
  3. After a few minutes, ask them to pick 3 names of their list that they feel stood out to them.
  4. Ask everyone to write these names down on their paper.
  5. Give time for everyone to pray and think about these people and where they are at in their lives.
    • This would be a good time for a testimony about reaching out to people
  6. Then ask the youth to come up with one thing you want to do the names they wrote down them this week/this month.

(If you want to take this seriously, follow up with your youth in one week and see how it went!)

Level 4Manish Saluja