The family is where love is abundant. It is the place where you are elevated to manifest your infinite value.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 1, Section 4, Verse 3

Someone may be successful in his company, earning vast sums of money and being recognized by many, but if he does not have a loving family, he is an unhappy man… We look for a deeper and more central place of love than that; that place is none other than the family.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 1 Section 4, Verse 10

The family is a training camp that equips people to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is a training ground.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 1, Section 4, Verse 23

The family is the most important school of love in our life. The education of the emotions that only parents can provide equips children with depth and breadth of heart. This is the cornerstone upon which children’s character is built.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 2, Verse 12

No matter how shabby a family’s house or environment may be, a good family is one that will cherish it as a haven of rest and build ties of love that endure despite all of life’s challenges.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 1, Section 1, Verse 10

Where does the vibration of love come from? It comes from the mother’s womb. Your mother’s love is the first thing you receive. She is the first one to create a loving relationship with you. Although your father also loves you, while you are in your mother’s womb she pays you a great deal of attention, caring more for you than she cares for herself. To protect you from harm, she is careful of what she says and she does things with a loving heart. Love begins from a mother.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 1, Verse 14

If we do not realize the kingdom of heaven in our families, we will not fulfill the purpose of the Unification Church.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 6, Verse 36

A mother’s loving heart knows no boundaries. A mother’s heart of love is not rigid, but round and limitless. Her heart is connected to an infinite peace.
CSG, Book 8, Chapter 4, Section 3, Verse 13


Sharing the same house does not guarantee that family members will get along well. It is mutual affection, no matter who is older and who is younger, that allows them to overcome the difficult challenges of life together, in unity.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 1, Section 1, Verse 2

This understanding tells us that a person who cannot experience happiness in the family should not expect to find happiness on the national level.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 1, Section 4, Verse 9

The problem lies within the self, not within the society. If there is a problem in my family, it is not because my elder brother is bad, my elder sister is bad, or my father is bad; it is because I am bad.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 3, Section 1, Verse 21

When we say that family harmony makes all go well, we need to realize that harmony requires patience. We will likely go through many difficulties. The one who can deal well with such difficulties will become the central figure and responsible person.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 3, Section 1, Verse 12

Again, I am saying that we have to change our families, one by one. The organizational structure of the Unification Church is based on families; families are the center. The focus has shifted from the individual to the family.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 6, Verse 34


When you say goodbye to one another in the morning as you go to work, do so in joy, and when you meet again in the evening do so in joy. When you return to your family, gather your family to talk about what happened that day, discuss it together, and suggest ways to improve. You have to connect the entire family through love and through laughter.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 1, Section 1, Verse 8

A happy family is one that strives together to discover new things.
CSG, Book 3, Chapter 2, Section 3, Verse 20

The way of filial children is to love their family, which channels the life force of love.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 1, Verse 4

Parents who are suffering and in difficulty have their energy and stamina restored when their children come to hug them… A collision with love revives and re-energizes people who have become tired and worn out.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 3, Section 2, Verse 12

You need to build bonds within your family that will empower you to broaden your love for one another inside and outside the family. Your love within your family is the encapsulation of your love for your nation and the world.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 1, Section 3, Verse 6

In the family there are four levels: grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, you and your spouse, and your songs and daughters. The world is the extension of these relationships. Thus you need to love the people of the world whose ages are similar to the people in your family, in the same way you love your family members.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 1, Section 1, Verse 5

Our journey through life consists of becoming a son or daughter, a brother or sister, and a husband or wife who can receive and practice God’s love.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 1, Section 4, Verse 28