1. Offer a talk about the difficulties of prayer and building a connection with God.
  2. Discuss in groups:
    1. What do you find easiest to pray about?
    2. What do you find most difficult to pray about?
    3. What makes it challenging to pray on a regular basis?
  3. Print out or copy several prayers from True Parents in the Cheon Seong Gyeong. (They are the last section of the book and are organized by topics/chapters).
  4. Have each youth choose one of the prayers they are interested in based on the title.
  5. Offer one of True Parents prayers in front of the group with a strong voice and sincerity as an example of how these prayers can be a powerful tool for our spiritual lives.
  6. Have each of the youth read their prayers out loud with determination and sincerity in one of the following scenarios:
    1. In small groups take turns praying.
    2. Or by themselves, give time for the youth to go outside and pray.
  7. Debrief in small groups:
    1. How did it go?
    2. What did you resonate with most in the prayer?
god & iManish Saluja