You have to become a leader with the heart of a parent, with the heart that if you have something to eat, you would want to save it for others than eating it by yourself, or you would not eat by yourself, because you think of your members first.
CSG, book 4, Chapter 3, Section 3, Verse 2

How can you influence others? By giving.
CSG, Book 4, Chapter 3, Section 3, Verse 3

Unless I love everyone, I cannot represent God.
CSG, Book 4, Chapter 3, Section 3, Verse 24

Why do I live this way? It is because, even in the middle of the night, my beloved children who are spread all across the world are depending on me. If I cannot be there to offer devotion with them when they pray to God, shouldn’t I at least keep up with them and not fall behind them?
CSG, Book 11, Chapter 1, Section 2, Verse 28

Before you speak or teach, first you must feel God’s heart. Do not just talk. Instead, put God’s heart first before your words.
CSG, Book 11, Chapter 1, Section 2, Verse 41

If you are a leader, you yourself must become intoxicated with the will of God before you can convey it to others.
Sun Myung Moon

If you see the good in others and cover their defects with your love, they will follow you.
Sun Myung Moon

The greater you become, the more you have to watch your step. The smaller you become, the more you have to look up toward God.
Sun Myung Moon


Education does not take place only through a teacher standing at a podium with books, but also through the teacher’s words and deeds.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 1, Verse 7

The way a person dresses is an education; you can tell a good deal about a person’s character by the way he or she dresses. Just as the body reflects the mind, a person’s clothes reflect his or her character.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 1, Verse 7


When we go to school, we must study not only for our personal purpose, but rather to deepen our understanding of nature as God created it, and to grasp God’s heart.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 1, Verse 9

The purpose of studying in a school is to inherit what others have learned through experience and practice. At school you inherit what others have learned; you benefit from their effort. But to make that knowledge your own, you have to apply it; you have to put it into practice.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 1, Verse 10

Think about the importance of choosing what to study. The subject should be something that you value, that suits your aptitude and catches your interest. It should be something that you will enjoy all the time, when are a child, a young adult, middle-aged and in your senior years- in the past, present and future. You have to focus on and study that subject. Then you have to explore eminent figures in that field of the past, presence and future and compare yourself with them. If you are not yet good enough, you need to double your effort until you reach the top in your field. If you pioneer the way to become the best in your field, you can take the position of teaching prominent leaders in every field. Then this world can be restored in a short time.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 5, Verse 4

When thinking about your future and deciding the area of expertise you will pursue, look deeply into your original mind and discuss it with God. You know your own character best. You know the talents you have. Follow where your original mind wants to lead you. No one can steer a boat before deciding which direction to go. When the pilot turns the wheel over to you, you will have to find the way by yourself.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 5, Verse 5

Why is it good to pray? When you are focused in your mind, your powers of observation quicken. You will find that when you listen to your teacher’s lecture at school, you already know what will be included in the test. You will know whether he or she will ask this question or not. You will be able to read the teacher’s mind. It is as if you raised your spiritual antenna. The higher you raise your antenna, the more you will hear sounds that are very difficult to hear.
CSG, Book 5, Chapter 4, Section 5, Verse 6