Korean Tradition and Church Tradition

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Basic Weekly Schedule

  • Kyongbae
  • Offering
  • Kido
  • Song/Dance
  • Game
  • Art/Craft

Basic Materials for getting started

  • Name Tags
  • White & Colored Paper
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape



Theme: Korean Thanksgiving

9/8 The Korean Thanksgiving

Purpose: Welcome to Class

Art/Craft: Make a clock/watch. Materials: White paper, crayons

Song/Dance: Getting to know you

Game: Bean bag toss

9/15 The Offering Table & the day of the full moon

Purpose: Understanding the purpose of the thanksgiving table

Art/Craft: Create an offering table. Materials: apples, grapes, photo, rice cakes, white paper, crayons

Art/Craft: Make the moon. Materials: paper plates, glue, white sand

Game: Flying bird Note: Ask parents to dress their children in Korean attire if they own it or dress in Sunday best

9/22 Korean Children Songs

Purpose: Learn traditional Korean Children song

Song/Dance: Baby pig, Mommy pig

Storytime: Baby pig, Mommy pig

Game: Jump rope

Art/Craft: Drawing

9/29 The Art of Origami

Purpose: Learn simple origami

Art/Craft: Origami traditional Korean clothes. Materials: origami paper, glue, scissors, crayons, yam

Storytime: Good relationship

Games: Hide and seek. Duck, duck, goose



Theme: Autumn

10/6 Apple Harvest

Purpose: Learn about there apples come from

Art/Craft: Create an Apple tree. Material: Empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls, red and green paper, paper plates, scissors, glue

Song/Dance (Korean) My face looks like an apple

Game: Hot potato

10/13 Changing Seasons

Purpose: Things Change

Game: Parachute Play

Art/Craft: Making leaves. Material: Precut paper leaves, hole puncher, yarn, gold, green and red glitter, glue, crayons

Song/Dance: Freeze

10/20 Pumpkins

Purpose: How to carve a pumpkin

Art/Craft: Carve a pumpkin face. Material: pumpkin, knife, marker, candle

Game: Pumpkin bean toss

Song/Dance: My face looks like an apple

10/27 Halloween mask

Purpose: How to make a mask

Art/Craft: Make a Halloween mask. Material: precut masks, crayons, gummy candy, powdered sugar, paper dishes

Game: Outdoor gummy candy hunt and playground play Note: Ask parents to dress their children in Halloween costumes



11/3 Children’s Day

Purpose: Learn what is the meaning of Children’s Day

Art/Craft: Facial emotions. Material: paper, scissors, crayon, yam, glue

Song/Dance: Contest with prizes

Games: Duck, duck, goose


Purpose: Learning about filial piety

Art/Crafts: Boats and Lotus flowers. Material: paper, scissors, markers, tape, glue

Game: Filial Piety, Blind seek

Storytime: Shim-Chong


Purpose: Cooperating with siblings

Art/Craft: Train. Material: small boxes, toilet paper rolls, markers, paper

Song/Dance: Train Song

Game: Follow the leader, transtyle free-play


Purpose: Thanksgiving (family)

Art/Craft: Turkey. Material: feathers, paper, google-eye

Song/Dance: Pretty bird Korean song

Game: Turkey-tag



Theme: Jesus Birth/Christmas


Purpose: Leaning about Jesus’ Birth

Art/Craft: Coloring pictures of Jesus. Material: print outs, crayons

Song/Dance: Christmas song

Game: Gift unwrapping


Purpose: Jesus’ family

Art/Craft: Ornaments with Jeus’ pictures/ snowflakes. Material: paper plates, paints, paint brushes, glitter

Song/Dance: Christmas Carols

Game: Bowling


Purpose: Jesus’ life

Art/Craft: Christmas Cards. Material: paper, markers

Song/Dance: Christmas songs

Game: Christmas gift hunt


Purpose: Christmas and Santa

Art/Craft: Christmas tree. Material: paper, glitter scissors, markers

Song/Dance: Christmas song

Game: Beam bag toss


What did we learn this year and what do we want to do next year


Purpose: Making plans for next year

Craft: Pinecone decorating. Material: pinecones, paints, glitter, string

Song/Dance: Christmas song

Game: Four corners

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