Sunday School Code of Conduct submitted by Alec Hunter from Maryland

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My Sunday School has four rules of conduct:

  1. As a Sunday School student, I will do my best to always follow my teacher’s instructions for safety and peaceful order in class.
  2. As a Sunday School student I will do my best to listen when my teacher and classmates speak. When a classmate is called on to speak, everyone else is expected to listen. When it’s my turn to speak, I should be listened to as well. I will do my best to not talk to my friends in side conversations during class. I will do my best to pay attention during class and join in class activities.
  3. I will do my best to be on time to my class.
  4. Every Sunday, I will do my best to leave my Sunday School classroom in good order and a little cleaner than I find it.

My parents and I have read these rules together and I agree to do my best to follow them.

Parent Signature: __________ Student Signature: __________ Date: __________

Teaching Approach:

The Sunday School teacher’s challenge is to work cooperatively with the Holy Spirit. Heavenly Parent is our chief teaching partner. Please be sensitive. Please leave room in your mind each week for Heaven’s inspiration and guidance.

Our class roster is also our prayer list. Weekly prayer will naturally prepare us to teach our particular students each Sunday. Prayer will help us be more effective teachers and our charges more attentive students.

Let’s try ways to convey our lesson content in effectively through story, lecture, object lesson, song, game, craft, puzzle, joke, charades, class ritual, class tradition, whatever effective means we are inspired to employ.

Periodic quizzes and tests are needed for both teacher and student to guage what has been learned. Interaction, role playing and Q&A are encouraged. These methods engage both students and teachers.

If we do our best to establish a regular pattern with our students of asking, answering, discussing, and applying (action) the content presented each week, we can help our students answer the question, “How does this apply to me?”.

Even one small point conveyed each Sunday and retained by our students in this way will last in the mind. Sunday School lessons can and will benefit a student for a lifetime.