Aim to learn that God gave us a heart so we can love others

* To learn that God gave us a heart so we can love others
* To learn that when we love others unselfishly, God will bless us

*“The Star Jewels”, from The Children’s Book of Heroes, by William J. Bennett
*small pictures from the story, heart-shaped stickers or heart shapes to cut and paste
*a large heart to cut and paste
*a picture to colour

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. The Star Jewels
3. Discussion
4. Activities – act out the story, cut & paste pictures, colour a picture
5. Review aims
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
We are all God’s children. He created out of His love. He wants us to feel his love and learn to give love others. He wants a world where all people learn to love each other, to build a one family under God. Love is a feeling that comes from our heart. When mummy and daddy say they love us we feel warm inside. When we say we love someone they feel warm in their heart. Today’s story shows what happens when we love others, the way God wants.

2) The Star Jewels
A poor girl goes to the woods to collect firewood for her grandmother and takes a piece of bread for the journey. On the way she meets a hungry boy. She gives him the bread. Later she meets a girl who is cold. She gives her warm dress to the girl. Then she meets an old woman and gives the woman her shawl. Finally she gathers sticks for her fire. On the way home she meets an old man who needs firewood. The girl gives it to him. The man then turns into an angel. Because she has shown such unselfish love to all the people she met, she is rewarded with jewels falling from the sky.


3) Discussion
*Why did the girl go to the forest?
to collect firewood
*Who did she meet and what did she give them?

What was her reward?
– jewels from the sky
* Why was she rewarded? 
She felt love in her heart for each person she met. This is why she could give so many things away. When we help others in such a way, something will always come back to us. When we love others unselfishly, God will bless us.

4) Activities
* Act out the story. Use props – bread, coat, shawl, sticks, plastic gems
* Cut and paste pictures from the story and and decorate with hearts
* Colour the picture
* Cut out a big heart shape. Write the names of the people you love on it.

5) Review the aims of the lesson
* To learn that God gave us a heart so we can love others
* To know that when we love others unselfishly, God will bless us


6) Prayer
Say a prayer to thank God for giving us our hearts, so we can feel love and learn to love.