Aim to learn the word obey

*To learn the word obey
*To learn to listen to and obey parents
*To understand that God will bless us when we obey our parents

* I’m Coming, by V. Gilbert Beers, from The Toddlers Bedtime Story Book
* Materials for obeying shapes – shape patterns, glue, coloured card, bag twist ties, hole punch
* Bible verse – Colossians 3:20
* Picture to colour
* memory cards of the story

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Story & Discussion
3. Activities – obeying shapes, learn Bible verse, colour a picture, memory game
4. Review aims of lesson
5. Prayer

1) Introduction
Do you listen to your parents and do what you are told? When it’s time to eat, do you come straight away? Do your parents have to tell you more than once? When it’s time for bed do you get changed straight away? Today’s story is called, “I’m Coming.”

2) Story & Discussion
Andrea’s mother calls her to the kitchen many times, but she doesn’t come. When Andrea finally does come, she is too late to taste her favourite chocolate. 
Retell the story
Can the children put the pictures in the correct order and retell the story in their own words

How many times did Mummy call Andrea? – seven
What things was she doing? – playing
with her doll, stroking the kitten, drawing, looking at a  book, lying on the floor

Why did Mummy call her? – to let her taste her favourite chocolate
What happened when she finally came to the kitchen? there was none left, because Mummy had washed the dishes

Are you sometimes busy and find it hard to stop when your parents call you for do something?

What can we learn from this story? – Come straight away when you are called, otherwise you might miss out on something

What other reason should you come when you are called?

Children should always listen to their parents and do as they are told. This is God’s way.

Another word that means to do as you are told is to obey. 

Children who obey their children are good children.

If you obey, then things go much better.

You feel good, your parents feel good and God feels good. Everyone is happy.

 If Andrea had listened and obeyed, she would have eaten the delicious chocolate. Because she didn’t obey she lost out on a treat

3) Activities
* Make Obeying Shapes to hang up
* Learn the Bible verse, “Children obey your parents.”
* Colour the picture of Andrea
* Play the memory game

4) Review the lesson aims
* To learn the word obey
* To learn to listen to and obey parents
* To understand that God will bless us when we obey our parents

5) Prayer
* Say a prayer and promise to listen to and obey your parents

first gradeManish Saluja