Aim to understand that God made each one of us, we are special and God loves us very much

To understand that God made each one of us, we are special and God loves us very much

1. God Made Me, by Joanna Bicknell (
2. large sheets of brown or white wrapping paper
3. crayons, coloured pencils, markers
4. outlines of a girl and boy to colour

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. God made me
3. Discussion
4. Activities – action song. action rhyme, drawing
5. Review aims of lesson
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
Today’s lesson is called God Made Me and we will read a book called “God Made Me” 

2) God made me
God made my hands and fingers.
God made my feet and toes.
God gave me two bright shining eyes, two ears, a mouth, and a nose.
I use my nose for smelling things, like flowers or chocolate cake.
I use my eyes to see God’s world, at least when I’m awake.
I can make myself so tiny or reach up and stretch like this.
God likes me to be loving to my sister with a kiss.
I sometimes feel quite angry, or bored, or shy, or sad, or naughty or excited, or happy.
But I think about how God loves me, and that makes me feel glad.
The world is full of people as different as can be.
And do you know who God loves?

3) Discussion
God made you the way you are. God gave you a body. He gave you the colour of your skin, eyes
and hair He wants you to have . He made your nose, ears, mouth and everything else. God also gave
you feelings. You can feel angry, bored, shy, sad, excited, or happy.
You are very special to God and He loves you, just the way you are. We are all God’s children and
He made everyone of us special. He wants us to be happy and to know that He loves us. He gave
the beautiful world around for us to enjoy – sunshine, rain, wind, animals, birds, flowers, trees etc..
Let us thank God for making each of us so special.

4) Activities
* Action Song – Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes
* Action Rhyme – God made every bit of Me. Encourage the children to follow your motions, 
pointing to themselves. Say the action rhyme slowly.
* Make an entire body drawing
Place a length of paper on the floor, and have child lie on his back on top of it, with his arms near
his side and his hands flat on the paper. Use a crayon or marker, trace around his entire body, from
his heels to his head. Then have him stand and place his feet in the proper place as you draw around
them. Print the child’s name on his drawing.
Each child may decorate his own picture, drawing facial features and hair, and adding clothing.
Tape the pictures on the wall. The picture can be used with the action rhyme.
* Colour the outline of a boy or girl. Label the picture with the child’s name.

5) Review the aim of the lesson
* To understand that God made each one of us, we are special and God loves us very much

6) End with a Prayer
Thank God for making each of us in such a special way and for loving us so much