Aim to learn that God loves everyone

To learn that God loves everyone

* God Loves (Little Fish Books about You and Me)
* Picture cards of the story
* worksheet
* Pictures to cut and paste

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Book – God Loves
3. Discussion
4. Activities – worksheet, memory game, Which one is missing?
5. Review the aim
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
Ask the children what they know about God. What is He like? Where does He live? What makes God happy? Talk about God’s love. What kind of love is it? Where can we find God’s love? 
Today’s lesson is all about God’s love

2) Book – God Loves
God loves me. He cares for me all the time.
God loves grown-ups. We love Him too.
God loves baby. He is making him big and strong.
God loves Granny and Grandpa. I love to see them.
God loves my friends. God loves my uncles and aunts.
God loves the shopkeeper. God loves the postman.
God loves the truck driver. God loves the train driver.
God loves all the animals. He loves all the birds.
God loves all of us. Thank you God!

3) Discussion
*Can the children remember all the people that God loves? Show each picture. Can the children say who God loves. Is there anyone else you can think of that God loves who isn’t on a picture?
* How does God love us? He loves us through people. God loves you through your mummy and daddy and when you play with your friends. 
* How can you show God’s love to others? You can show God’s love to your grandparents by smiling when they visit and when you feed hungry birds.
* God loves everyone in the whole world, because God made us and we are all his children. He loves black, white, brown and yellow people. He loves young and old just the same. He loves all the animals and plants, because He made each one. And He still loves us when we do bad things.

4) Activites
*Worksheet – cut and paste pictures to match words
*Memory game – make matching pairs
*Which one is missing? – Children look at pictures and try to remember them. Children turn away. One picture is taken away. Which picture is missing?

5)Review the aim
To learn that God loves everyone

Say a prayer to thank God that He loves each one of us, so we can be happy. He protects us from danger and keeps us safe everyday. He gives a mummy and daddy, brothers and sisters, and friends to share love with.