Aim to learn that God wants to talk to us, and if we try, we can hear Him

* To learn that God wants to talk to us, and if we try, we can hear Him

* Bible story: Exodus 3:1-18
* Craft materials – white card, white paper, red & yellow tissue paper, scissors, glue, coloured pencils
* Spot-the-difference pictures

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Story
3. Questions
4. Discussion
4. Activities – burning bush craft, spot-the-difference, connect the dots, chinese whispers
5. Review the aim
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
Ask the children how many ways they can think of that people use to communicate.

Voice – talk, whisper, shout, scream, pray, sing
Gestures- wave, shake hands, point with fingers, finger to the mouth, thumbs-up, shrug shoulders, shake head, sign language
Other ways – radio, T.V, computer, books, magazines, loud speakers
Which is the best way?
Which is the hardest way to communicate?
How does God communicate with us?
Today we will learn one way God talked with Moses.


2) Story
* Moses kills an Egyptian and flees from Egypt
* God speaks to Moses through a burning bush and calls him to free his people
* Moses returns to Egypt and tells his family his mission
During this time the Israelite people who are living in Egypt are being treated very badly. The Egyptians are using them like slaves to do all the hard work. But the Israelites are God’s chosen
people, so God is going to use Moses to free them from their suffering.

3) Discussion Questions:
1. What was strange about the bush that Moses saw in the mountain? (It never stopped burning)
2. Why do you suppose God chose a burning bush as a way to speak to Moses?
3. Why did God tell Moses to take off his sandals? (Because he was on holy ground)
4. How did Moses react to God’s request? (He didn’t think he was worthy –said “who am I”)
5. How was God going to help Moses deliver His message? (God would perform miracles to show that He sent Moses. His brother, Aaron would speak instead of Moses)
6. Who did God say He was? – “I AM WHO I AM.”
7. Who was Moses to say sent him, if asked by the Israelites? (He was to say I AM sent him) God has a plan for all of us and wants us to be good children, so we need to listen carefully. We
may not hear God’s voice, but God talks to us through our hearts. God can also talk to us through our parents. They teach us what is right and wrong. 

When we pray God hears us and wants answer us. God wants to communicate with us all the time.
Sometimes however we are just too busy to listen to God. Perhaps we feel God has more important things to do than talk to us. But that can not be further from the truth. God loves us very much and wants to tell us many things. That’s why we need to take time to pray, and hear what God has to say.

4) Activities
* Burning bush craft – 
Colour picture of Moses and paste strips of tissue paper onto it. Colour picture of bush. Cut it out and paste onto picture of Moses. 

* Chinese whispers – Think of a sentence from today’s story. Whisper the sentence around a circle.
The last person must repaet what he/she heard. Is it the same?

* Spot-the -difference – find 10 differences between the pictures. Circle them

* Connect the dots and colour the picture


5) Review the aim
To learn that God wants to talk to us, and if we try, we can hear Him


6) End with a Prayer

third gradeManish Saluja