Aim to learn the main parts and characters of the Christmas story

To learn the main parts and characters of the Christmas story
To understand that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus

*A children’s picture book about the birth of Jesus
*Cardboard cut-outs to tell the story
*Materials to make a Christmas card of the story (a picture, card, glue, stickers of stars/hearts, etc…)
*A nativity picture to colour
*Card Game – Nativity Match, 
*Bethlehem maze
*Video – Jesus’ Birth (Hanna-Barbera’s The Greatest Adventure Stories From The Bible)

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Story & Discussion
3. Activities – Christmas cards, colour a picture, Nativity Match, Bethlehem maze, video
4. Prayer

1) Introduction
*Ask the children what we do at Christmas. (give and receive presents) It is not only a time for giving gifts, but also to remember the birth of a very special person a long time ago 

Who was born at Christmastime? Jesus. Who knows the story?
* Today’s story is about the time when Jesus was born

2) Story & Discussion
* Read the story of Jesus’ birth
*Ask the children to retell the story. Can they identify the characters and objects?
* Explain that Jesus was very special because he was very close to God. He was God’s son and his heart was full of love just like God. He taught people what is right and wrong, how to be good and loving and happy. The whole world remembers the birth of Jesus. That’s why we celebrate each year.

3) Activities
*Make Christmas cards
Every year people make Christmas cards to send to each other. Christmas is a time of giving. 
Today you can make Christmas cards to give to someone. Give children materials to make cards for family members
* Watch a video of Jesus’ birth
The video lasts 30 minutes

*Colour a picture of Jesus’ birth
* Bethlehem maze – Find the way to Bethlehem
*Play Nativity Match.
Ask the children to identify the people and objects involved In Jesus’ birth as they play the game.
Directions: Place the cards face down In a pile on the table or floor. Each player draws a card and rolls the cube. The high number begins. If both numbers are the same, roll again. The first player rolls again and takes the number of cards shown on the cube. He lays any matching pairs face up In front of him.

The next player rolls the cube and draws the number of cards shown. Play continues. When all cards are drawn the player with the most pairs wins.


4) Prayer
Thank you Heavenly Father for the gift of Jesus and that we can remember him at Christmas time.
Let us show our love and make Jesus happy by giving gifts to each other.

first gradeManish Saluja