Aim to learn about God

* to learn about God

* “Hoon Dok for Children.” – Hansol’s questions
* pictures of creation
* mirrors
* worksheet

Lesson Outline
1. Review previous lesson
2. Words to describe God
3. Story & Discussion
4. Activities – pictures of creation
5. Worksheets – words and picture of God
6. Conclusion
7. Prayer

1) Review previous lesson

The aims of the previous lesson were
1. To learn what the Divine Principle is and its three parts
2. To understand that restoring mistakes takes a long time
The children were introduced to the three parts of the Principle. They wrote the following text

1) GOD’S IDEAL – God wants to see a world of happiness, peace and true love
2) THE FALL – Adam and Eve were separated from God’s love.
3) HISTORY OF RESTORATION – God has worked through chosen people to restore His ideal

They drew their own picture of the restored world.

2) Words to describe God
Today we look at the first part of the Principle; God’s ideal. And to do that we need to know something about God. Ask the children any words they can think of when they think of God. Make
a list and write them down.

3) Story & Discussion
This is the story of a Korean boy called Hansol. Part of his homework is to write the names of his grandparents. He asks his father to help him. Then he asks who the first grandfather is. His father
says he must ask his teacher. 

His teacher says Adam is the first grandfather. Hansol asks who Adam’s father is. The teacher says God is Adam’s father. This starts a big discussion about God. The teacher explains several things
about God:
* He is very old
* He never dies
* He is like our father and mother joined into one
* He is the parent of everyone
* He made everything
* We cannot see Him. He doesn’t have a face or body,
* He lives in everything and He lives in our heart.

The story ends with the teacher giving the children homework. They are to draw their own picture
of God

4) Activities
* Since God made everything and is in everything, look at some pictures of the creation and talk
about how they show us something about God. 
* Give each child a mirror. Can they see God in their face?

5) Complete Worksheets
Children write words to describe God draw their own picture of God.

6) Conclusion
Ask each child what they could learn from today’s lesson.
Refer to the lesson aim – to learn about God

7) End with a prayer

fifth gradeManish Saluja