Aim to learn some more facts about Father’s childhood

* to learn some more facts about Father’s childhood
* to learn the names and location of places in Korea

Key Words
North Korea, South Korea, Pyongyang, Seoul, Sangsa-ri

* Maps of the world and Korea or a globe
* Pictures of Sangsa-ri, feeding beggars, mother praying, in nature
* large letters of key words
* children’s worksheets
* board game

Lesson Outline
1. Review the previous lesson
2. Identify places in Korea
3. More Facts about Father’s Childhood
4. Activities – label the map, complete the worksheet, play the board game
5. Review lesson aims
6. Prayer
1) Review the previous lesson


Father’s birthplace
Sun Myung Moon was born on January 6th in 1920 in a farming family in north-west Korea.
He was one of eight children.
He lived in a village called Sangsa-ri, near the town called Jeong-ju.
At that time Korea was ruled by Japan and Koreans had a hard life.

A Generous Family
The Moon family owned their own land, and were not as poor as others. They were known to be very generous. Whenever strangers came, asking for food, the Moon family always gave. They never turned anyone away.

Identify Places in Korea

  • Ask the children to locate Korea on a globe or world map.
  • Give some background facts.
  • Identify: North Korea, South Korea, Pyongyang, Seoul, Sangsa-ri

More Facts about Father’s Childhood

Good Parents
His father was a gentle round-faced man, who never said a cross word to anyone and always kept a promise. His mother worked very hard and prayed every day for her family “My father was a man of principle. He was a model gentleman, who always kept his word. He was uneasy if he owed someone a favor. My father used to say that the truth cannot be twisted. Truth cannot be controlled by a liar. Lies will be exposed sooner or later. My mother sacrificed everything for her children. Especially for me, my mother made constant prayer conditions.”

A friend to the Poor
Because Father saw a lot of poor people come to his home he really wanted to help them. “When I was a child, I thought about poor people and wanted to be their friend. I was
interested in the poor people. I didn’t try to make friends with the children from rich families, or those who were bullies. My thoughts were opposite to those of other people.

In the village, when I knew that people were poor and hungry, I couldn’t sleep and I tried hard to solve their problems. I wanted to be the best friend to everybody. When poor friends came to school with only barley and millet in their lunch boxes, I couldn’t eat my own white rice. I used to trade with them. When my friends’ parents were sick but had no money to go to the hospital, I went to my parents and begged them, with tears, for help.

Love of Nature
Father grew up in the countryside and loved to explore the nature around him.
“ When I was a child I wanted to know everything about nature. I was curious to know what was beyond the mountains. I searched every mountain and valley. I knew which trees, grasses and plants grew on what mountain. I knew all about the edible plants in the mountains. When I was a child, the women of the village loved to go with me to the mountains to pick these plants. I knew everything in the mountains: the grasses, the birds, the insects and the animals.”

“When I see a magpie’s nest, I know which way the wind is blowing that year. If the magpie’s nest faces east, th~n the wind is blowing from the west. Who taught them this? They are building masterpieces. The nests are made of twigs. When it rains they will get wet. So the magpies use mud to seal them up. This is marvelous. When it rains the water flows in one direction and doesn’t go into the nest. Who taught them this? This skill is amazing.”

* Label the map of Korea with the correct place names: North Korea, South Korea, Pyongyang, Seoul, Sangsa-ri.
* Complete the worksheet by writing the text
1. Sun Myung Moon was born on January 6th 1920 in Sangsa-ri, a small farming village in North Korea.
2. His family were known for being very generous.
3. He loved to explore nature
* Play “Journey to Sansa-ri” board game. Throw a dice to move forward. If you land on a black square, go back one space. If you land on a red, you get an extra go. First to reach Sanga-ri is the

Review aims of lesson
* to learn some more facts about Father’s childhood
– Father was born in 1920 in a small farming village called Sansa-ri in North Korea
– The Moon family were very generous and always gave food to strangers
– He had good parents
– Father was a friend to poor people
– He loved to explore nature
* to learn the names and location of places in Korea
North Korea, South Korea, Pyongyang, Seoul, Sangsa-ri

End with a prayer

fifth gradeManish Saluja