Aim to review the names of different virtues

* to review the names of different virtues
* to learn about the virtue of honesty

* keys words – character, virtue
* Pictures & words of 9 virtues
* Story – “Thomas and the Broken Window”
* Large pictures of the story
* worksheet
* storyboard

Lesson Outline
1. Review the virtues
2. Story – “Tomas & The Broken Window”
3. Discussion about honesty
4. Activities – worksheet, storyboard, charades
5. Conclusion
6. End with a Prayer
1) Review the virtues
* The previous lesson was called “What does it mean to be good?” There were two aims.

1. to learn that good means to develop virtues in our character
Character is the kind of person we are inside
Virtue is a good quality in a person’s character

2. to introduce the names of different virtues
compassion, respect, responsibility, courage, gratitude, honesty, self-discipline, courtesy
* Show pictures of the 9 virtues and ask the children to identify them again. Display the words for each virtue. Complete the worksheets, where they write the correct virtue under each picture.

2) The Broken Window
* Before reading the story ask the children to think about which virtues are in the story, as they listen to the story. Honesty is the main virtue, but responsibility, courage and trustworthiness are
also mentioned. Show the pictures as you tell the story.
* The Broken Window – Two friends, Thomas and Lenny, break a neighbor’s window when throwing a baseball. The neighbour is out and they decide to say nothing. Hours later Thomas’s
neighbour phones his mother about the window. Thomas explains what happened, but his  mother said he should have told her immediately. Thomas says he was afraid. She explains that
it is good he is honest now, but not saying anything is like lying. His parents will pay for the broken window now, but he must earn some money by doing jobs and pay later. His father
explains that if we don’t tell the truth people won’t trust us. It is always best to tell the truth even if we are afraid.

3) Discussion about Honesty
* Discuss the story to learn about the importance of honesty. The worksheet can be used for discussion.
* Talk about the other virtues also, which are connected to honesty.
– Thomas needs to take responsibility for the broken window by doing jobs so he earn money pay for it.
– He should show courage and overcome his fears by explaining his mistake immediately
– If he tells the truth people will also trust him. He will show trustworthiness

4) Activities
* worksheet – circle the right answers, fill in the missing words, colour the picture
* storyboard – draw the first picture, write text under each picture to tell the story, colour the pictures
* charades – using picture cards.

5) Conclusion
Ask each child what they could learn from today’s lesson. Refer to the lesson aims:
* to review the names of different virtues
* to learn about the virtue of honesty

6) End with a Prayer

fifth gradeManish Saluja