Aim to learn about what happened at Ewha University

* To learn about what happened at Ewha University
* To learn more about the meaning of sacrifice

* Children’s worksheet
* Visual Aids:
– Ewha University,
– students reading in a circle
– Young Oon Kim,
– Mrs. Won Bok Choi,
– group picture of church members including women teachers and students

Lesson Outline
1. Review the previous story
2. Tell the story
3. Questions for Discussion
4. Activities – worksheet
5. Review the lesson aims
6. Prayer

1) Review the previous story
The Unification Church is Born – Father wanted all Christians to receive his message and unite together. This didn’t happen, so he started his own church. On May 1st 1954 The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity was officially begun in Seoul.
Through much persecution, hard work and sacrifice, this tiny church began to grow.
* Ask what indemnity means.
An indemnity condition is an offering to God. When we sacrifice and give our 100% effort, God can accept the condition and spirit world can give us the support we need
* What indemnity condition did the early members make?
They prayed, witnessed and taught the Principle.
2) Tell the story (use the visual aids)
Mr. Eu witnessed to his relative, Mrs. Yang, a music teacher at Ewha University. Because of her, over 100 students joined the church. But parents complained. The university told the students to leave the church or they would be expelled. Most students had no choice and left, but 9 students and 5 teachers refused and were expelled.

Herr Eu vittnade till sin granne, fru Yang, en musiklärare på Ewha universitetet. På grund av henne gick över 100 elever med i kyrkan. Men föräldrarna klagade. Universitetet sade att eleverna måste lämna kyrkan annars skulle de bli relegerade därifrån. De flesta elever hade inget val och lämnade, men 9 elever och 5 lärare vägrade och blev relegerade

Key points of the story
1) Once again people were attracted by the new truth and the high spirit of the church
2) Mrs Yang had a spiritual experience, when she sang a song she didn’t know
3) Because of their excitement, students lost their focus on studying and missed lessons
4) Parents were upset, because they had made a lot of sacrifices for their daughters to study
5) The university didn’t want a bad reputation and forbade students to visit the church any more
6) The university sent 4 different teachers at four different times to show that the church’s teachings  were wrong. They all joined.
7) Won Bok Choi and Young Oon Kim were the most high profile to join
8) The Divine Principle answered Young Oon Kim’s life-long prayers. Her kidney pain disappeard when she went to the church, and came back when she went home.
9) The university gave them an ultimatum, stop going to the church or you will be expelled. Nine students and five teachers were expelled on March 21, 1955

3) Questions for Discussion
* What was the name of Mr. Eu’s relative?
Mrs. Yang
* What happened to her after three days?
Spirit world sang a song through her
* What changes did the teachers notice about the students.
Many were unusually absent. 
* Why were parents upset?
They had sacrificed a lot for their education, because it was really important for their future
* What did the university decide to do?
Forbid students from visiting the church
* How did the students react?
Most of them continued to visit the church
* What did the university do next and what was the result?
It sent a series of 4 professors to show the falseness of the new church. but instead all of them joined
* What were the names and positions of the senior professors?
Won Bok Choii, the Dean of Students and Young Oon Kim, an expert in Christianity
* What final chance were the students given and what was the result?
Either stop going to the church or be expelled. They refused to stop. Nine students were expelled and five professors fired

* What can we learn from this story?
The students and teachers had the courage to do what they believed to be right, when everyone was against them. The university, fellow students, parents and relatives were all against them. They were willing to sacrifice their education for the sake of following God and the Messiah. It showed that what they had experienced was for more important to them, that their external success.

  What does sacrifice mean?
To give something valuable up for the sake of something more valuable. For example, you might stop spending your pocket money in order to save it to buy something you really want.
You practise playing the violin every day, instead of playing with your friends, because you want to be a professional violinist. Giving up sweets to take care of your teeth. 
* What did your parents give up to join the church?
They may have given up their studies, their career, money, a home, their friends. They may even have lost the support of their parents. 
* If you were in the students’ place, would you have been willing to sacrifice everything you had to follow Father?

4) Activities
* Complete the worksheet by filling in the missing words. Go through the worksheet answers together. Ask the children if they know what their parents sacrificed in order to join the church. Remind them to ask their parents and report back next lesson.

5) Review the lesson aims
* To learn about what happened at Ewha University
* To learn more about the meaning of sacrifice
6) End with a prayer


sixth gradeManish Saluja