Aim to learn how spirit world could help Father to survive

* To learn how spirit world could help Father to survive

* Liberation from Hueng Nam, by Sandra Lowen
* Sun Myung Moon: the Early Years, by Mike Breen. (Ch. 7. Death Camp)
* Visual Aids
– Two Prisoners – Kim Won-dok & Pak Chong-hwa
* Children’s worksheet
* Quiz questions
* memory cards of unit 5


Lesson Outline
1. Review the previous story
2. Tell the Story
3. Discussion
4. Activities – worksheet, memory game, quiz
5. Review the lesson aims
6. Prayer

1) Review the previous story
Heung Nam Prison Camp – Prisoners at Hung Nam had to fill 1,300 bags with ammonium sulphate  everyday. It was hard work, but they had very little food. Most men died after one year. Father was determined to live. He worked very hard and twice won the best prisoner award. He never complained about his situation, and with God’s help he survived.

Review the key points of the previous lesson
1) To learn about Father’s attitude towards his situation

LOVE – He determined to maintain a loving attitude to God, to his fellow prisoners and to the Communist guards, regardless of how miserably he was treated.
DISCIPLINE – he trained himself to survive on half his ration of food. Later when he ate the whole portion he felt he was receiving a gift from God. He prayed and exercised everyday
PRAYER – He didn’t complain to God or ask for help. Instead he told God not to worry about him and promised he would fulfill his mission and never give up

2) For children to think about their own attitude towards difficulties
– What could they learn from Father’s attitude?


2) Tell the story
A summary – The Korean War started in June 1950, when the communists in North Korea attacked South Korea. By October, United Nations forces were dropping bombs near Hung Nam.
The guards started killing prisoners. When bombs dropped on the camp they ran for their lives. 
Many were killed, but Father miraculously survived. He had received a message from God that no bombs would come near him. He told prisoners to stay close to him.Those who did were protected. On October 14th Father escaped. He had been in prison for two years and eight months.

3) Discussion
How did the spirit world help Father?
1) The United Nations soldiers arrived just before the prisoners in his cell were going to be killed.
Bombs started dropping and the guards ran for their lives
2) God told Father that no bombs would drop near him.
3) Two prisoners, Mr. Kim (Kim Won-dok) and Mr. Pak (Pak Chong-hwa) had dreams of an old man telling them that Father was the Messiah. Mr. Pak was the leader of the prisoners and God worked through him to find other disciples. 12 prisoners became his disciples altogether.

Kim Won-dok Pak Chong-hwa
4) There was no condition for Satan to attack Father. He defeated Satan by the power of true love, prayer and incredible self-discipline. The power to love his enemies overcame the evil of Satan.

4) Activities
* Complete the worksheet
* Have a quiz about the stories in unit 5
* play the memory game to review unit 5


5) Review the lesson aims
To conclude ask each person what they could learn from today’s lesson. Refer to the lesson aims:
To learn how spirit world could help Father to survive


6) End with a prayer

sixth gradeManish Saluja