Aim to learn more about Father’s attitude towards injustice

* to learn more about Father’s attitude towards injustice
* to learn from this story about our own attitude towards injustice

*Story – The Boy and the Bully, by Vicki Henry
*Children’s worksheets
*memory cards made from the pictures in the story
*large pictures for display

Lesson Outline
1. Review the last lesson
2. State the aims of the lesson
3. Story
4. Discussion
5. Activities – worksheet, memory game, missing card game
7. Conclusion
8. Prayer


1) Introduction
*Remind the children about the last story, A Most Unusual Child and the words used to describe Father’s character – wild , curious , caring, special , friend to the poor, hated injustice, sensitive compassionate, active, easily cried , mischievous, strong character. ask them if they can remember any of the words and together write them on the whiteboard.

* Today’s story is about injustice. Do the children know what the word injustice means? It means lack of fairness. Today we will look more closely at Father’s attitude towards injustice and learn about our own attitude

2) Story
* Tell the children the story. – When Father was 8 there was a 12 year old boy who bullied other children. The only way he could stop the boy was to fight him. But Father was much younger and
he was easily beaten. Instead of giving up, he trained himself every day until he was very strong.

The next time they fought, Father won and the boy never bullied the children again.


3) Questions to Discuss
1) What does the story tell us about Father’s attitude towards injustice?
– When he saw injustice he had to say and do something to stop it, rather than turn a blind eye
– He had a strong conscience.
– He was very determined to stop the bully.
– He never gave up.
– He wasn’t afraid to challenge someone older and bigger.
– He was more concerned about others than his own safety
– He protected younger children.

2) If someone bullied a friend of yours, what would you do?
walk away? talk to the bully? tell an adult? fight him? Is it always wise to challenge a bully and put yourself in danger?

3) Have you seen someone being treated unfairly? What happened? What did you do?

4) Have you been unfairly treated at school, with your friends, at home? What happened?

5) What can you learn from this story?  if you try your hardest to fight for goodness, God will be on your side. He will give you courage 

If no one says or does anything injustice will continue and bullies will continue to treated others  badly


4) Activities
* Worksheet – Answer the questions and colour the pictures
* Memory game
* Missing card game – Display the pictures face up. Children turn away. Take one picture away. Can they say which one is missing? Also try with two missing pictures.

5) Conclusion
*Ask volunteers to read their answers
*To conclude, ask each person what they could learn from today’s lesson. Refer to the lesson aims
– to learn more about Father’s attitude towards injustice
– to learn from this story about our own attitude towards injustice


6) End with a prayer


sixth gradeManish Saluja