Aim to learn more about the virtue of respect and about following rules

* to learn more about the virtue of respect and about following rules

* Picture cards & words of 10 virtues
* Story – “The New Bicycles”
* Large pictures of the story
* worksheets
* key words – consequence, permission

Lesson Outline
1. Review virtues
2. Story – “The New Bicycles”
3. Discussion
4. Activities – worksheets, storyboard, memory game
5. Conclusion
6. End with a Prayer

1) Review virtues
* Remind the children that God wants us to be good. To be good means to develop virtues, or good qualities in our character. Can the children remember any of the virtues? 
determination, compassion, respect, responsibility, courage, gratitude, honesty, self-discipline, courtesy, trust.

Today’s lesson is to learn more about respect. In the previous story, “On the Other Side,” Jerry was told by his mother not to climb a fence, but she didn’t say why. The story teaches
that parents cannot always explain the reason for their decisions, but children must learn to trust their parents and do as they say. The story teaches one aspect of respect – trust. 

Today’s story touches on another aspect of respect – following rules

2) The New Bicycles
* This is the story of two boys, Terry and Ryan, who save enough money to by a new bicycle each. One day they go with their mothers to the local park. They are told to always
ask permission where they can go and follow the rules of the park. While in the park they cycle to a place that is forbidden and they forget to ask their parents. When the park ranger
sees them he tells them that cycling is forbidden there. It is dangerous, because it is on a hill near a lake. He confiscates the bicycles for two weeks for breaking the park rules.

Parents’ Rules
They must always ask permission as to where they can go cycling
They may only ride on their bicycle if an adult is with them in the park.
They must always have a helmet
They must follow the park rules.

3) Discussion
* Discuss the story to learn about the importance of following rules. Rules are there for our own safety. When we don’t follow rules there are consequences, which can lead to danger (cycling into
a lake) or losing a privilege (riding a bicycle). 
* What rules do the children have at home, at school? What happens when they break a rule?
* God also gave us rules to live by, so we go the right way and can be happy. One of the ten commandments is to respect your parents.
* The worksheet can also be used to guide the discussion.

4) Activities
* Story worksheet – find the way through the park, circle the right answer
* Storyboard – Write text under each picture to tell the story, draw pictures for the empty boxes, colour the pictures
* What is Respect? – Use the code to find the correct words.
* memory – using picture cards

5) Conclusion
Ask each child what they could learn from today’s lesson. Refer to the lesson aims:
* to learn more about the virtue of respect
“The New Bicycles” teaches us to follow our parents rules. They are for our safety. If we break the rules there are consequences

6) End with a Prayer


fifth gradeManish Saluja