Aim to understand the importance of staying pure

* To understand the importance of staying pure

* The 33 Couples are Blessed, by Linna Rapkins (part 2)
* Visual Aids
– Pictures of the 72 and 124 couple blessing
– Excerpts from, Pledge of the Blessed Children, by In Jin Moon
* Children’s worksheet

Lesson Outline
1. Review the previous story
2. Tell the Story
3. Questions about Purity
4. Activities – worksheet, read “Pledge of the Blessed Children”
5. Review the lesson aims
6. Prayer

1) Review the previous story
Summary – Five days after True Parents Blessing in 1960, 3 couples were blessed. One year later, Father blessed 33 more couples. It was difficult, because many parents opposed them, However,  these 36 couples were very important to protect True Parents own family and lay a foundation for the Church to grow.

Background information about the Blessing
Adam and Eve should have received the Blessing from God. Because of the Fall they became separated from God and all of their descendants have belonged to Satan’s lineage. God chose Jesus to be the second Adam, to restore Adam’s failure, but he died on the cross. With the Blessing of True Parents, they could stand as the restored Adam and Eve and begin a new lineage. Since their Holy Wedding in 1960, many people throughout the world have also been blessed. Through the blessing all people can be separated from the sinful lineage and be engrafted onto God’s lineage, and a new, restored world can begin. The blessing is also eternal, unlike the Christian marriage, which is “until death do us part”

2) Tell the story
Summary – Father blessed 72 couples in 1962 followed by 124 in 1963. Both were quieter and more joyous than before. The 124-couple blessing had no opposition, and parents were polite and supportive. Even two government officials attended and gave speeches to congratulate the newlyweds. It was great victory for the whole church.

Main points of the story
* In 1962 Father announced another blessing. He matched 72 couples. He told the candidates, ”You  should be willing to be blessed with anyone I choose for you. Don’t worry about how goodlooking your husband or wife might be.”

* The Blessing took place on June 4th 1962. It was quieter and more joyous than the 36-couple blessing.
* On January 1st 1963 Father talked about the difficulties of the last three years. Through their suffering the members were able to achieve many things. “Do you know how to be victorious? As you already know, it is usually by suffering. You have to experience the same things I did. That’s the only way your heart can become like mine.”

* He also announced that he wanted to bless 120 couples in 1963. Candidates had to be pure and dedicated people and who had never married before 

* On June 24th 1963, 124 couples were blessed in the civic auditorium in Seoul, in front of 3,500 people. After the blessing the couples went on a tour of Seoul in 150 cars, with a police escort

* The Blessing Vows of 124 couples
1. Do you promise to take responsibility for anything you do that is not God’s will?”
2. Do you promise to be faithful to God and obey His will?”
3. Do you promise to become true forefathers worthy of respect?”
4. Do you promise to become victors over Satan and bear yourselves in dignity as lords of creation?”

* The Blessing Vows today (summary) 
1. Do you pledge to become a true man or woman who lives for the sake of others?
2. Do you pledge to become an eternal husband and wife who bring joy to God?
3. Do you pledge to become parents who educate their children to live God’s way?
4. Do you pledge to create an ideal family as a foundation for world peace?


3) Questions about Purity
* What does it mean to be pure?
a) clean, unstained and clear like fresh water
Things in creation can be pure. Pure gold has no other elements in it and doesn’t change color. 
Diamonds are crystal clear and admired for their purity and beauty. They are very hard and difficult to break. They are the hardest rocks naturally occurring in nature.

b) honest, clean and good. 
* People can be pure in heart. They do not look for faults in others or judge others. They would never cheat, lie, steal, complain or say bad words that hurt others feelings. They don’t bear grudges towards others wrongdoings. They forgive and forget.
* Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” (Matthew 5:8)
* Paul said “love comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith” (1 Timothy 1:5) 
* In the Lord’s Prayer we ask God to help us to keep a pure heart (Matt 6:12-13)
Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil – Jesus

c) No boyfriends or girlfriends.
* Relationships can be pure, in which boys and girls treat each other as brothers and sisters. Adam and Eve should have kept this, but they became attracted to each other, before they were ready and before they were mature. Their emotions dominated them.

* Why shouldn’t we have boyfriends or girlfriends?
Teenagers today who have boyfriends or girlfriends are putting the 2nd blessing (create an ideal family) before the 1st blessing (perfect their character), without being qualified for the 2nd blessing. Adam and Eve should have obeyed the commandment, so God could bless them at the right time. They were immature in heart and unable to develop a relationship of true love. Instead they developed a self-centered nature and became separated from God. Their mistake was passed down to their descendants.

* What is wrong with boys and girls touching each other affectionately? (holding hands, hugging, dancing together) Touching can create impure feelings towards each other. Adam and Eve were not mature in heart and their feelings of love controlled them. They disobeyed God’s commandment not to eat

* What does Daemonim say about staying pure?
She told the 2nd generation what they must do to stay pure: Don’t look, don’t touch and don’t taste. Don’t look at each other with eyes of love. Don’t touch each other with feelings of love, and absolutely don’t taste (kiss). Eve tasted the apple, after looking and touching 

* Why is it important to remain pure in preparation for the Blessing?
To restore Adam and Eve’s mistake and be qualified to receive the Blessing, you must stay pure. 

The 72 couples all had to be pure, in order to be qualified for the Blessing. Today it is the same. The condition for the second generation candidates for the Blessing on Father’s 90th birthday, is to be pure – not had boyfriend or girlfriend relationships.

* What can you do to remain pure in the fallen world?
– Don’t get too friendly with boys or girls. Treat each other as brothers and sisters
– Avoid places and situations that can lead to temptation (e.g. disco)
– Wear modest clothes. Don’t focus too much on your external appearance
– Ask parents for advice and trust them
– Follow Daemonim’s guidance – Don’t look, don’t touch and don’t taste
– Go to Sunday School every week
– Study God’s word everyday
– Pray everyday
– Read Pledge of the blessed children


4) Activities
Complete the worksheet
Read the Pledge of the Blessed Children together


5) Review the lesson aims
* To understand the importance of staying pure
Because Adam and Eve disobeyed the commandment and lost their purity, God could not bless them in marriage. To restore this all people must obey the commandment and remain pure until they receive the Blessing from God


6) End with a prayer

sixth gradeManish Saluja