This 10 month outline includes 3 weekly sessions

Subject: How to Serve

Submitted by Eric Roschuni & David Phelps

This 10 month outline includes 3 weekly sessions. The 4th week of every month is spent in a mentoring program in which the 7th grade students assist in another Sunday School class. This is the practice/intern aspect of this curriculum “How to Serve.”

  1. September: Following Orders
    1. Obedience
      1. Game: Simon says (changed slightly for older kids)
      2. Father’s quote: “If you want to rule others, you must first be ruled by them.”
    2. Leadership
      1. Leadership Game: Line up (finding proper positioning)
      2. Quote: If you cannot become a needle, you should at least become a thread.
    3. Heart of Filial Piety
  2. October: Prayer
    1. Why do we pray?
    2. How should we pray?
    3. What should we pray about?
  3. November: Action
    1. What are the barriers to our success? Identifying our barriers
    2. Procrastination
    3. Just Do It. Take action now
  4. December: Wisdom
    1. Humility is the first step towards leading
      1. “A true master is the most humble of students”
    2. Respect
      1. “Respect all things and they will respect you”
    3. Learning from Others
  5. January: Goals
    1. Growth
    2. Dreams
    3. Following through
  6. February: The Golden Rule
    1. Do Unto Others
    2. Loving your enemy
    3. Living for the sake of others
  7. March: Perseverance
    1. Intention
    2. Overcoming Obstacles
    3. Determination
  8. April: Sacrifice
    1. Investment is never wasted
    2. Living for a greater cause
    3. What really matters?
  9. May: Patience
    1. Forgiveness
    2. Growth takes time
    3. Seeing the best in people and situations
  10. June: Joy
    1. Letting God serve through you
    2. Finding your passion in service
    3. Celebrating your success