Sample Sunday School Registration Form offered by Alec Hunter from Maryland

Sunday School Registration:

Registration is required for all Sunday School Students

Registration Information:

Name: __________ DOB: __________ Parents Names: __________ Parents’ Contact Phone: __________Email Address: __________

A. Students attending Sunday School classes two or more Sundays a month should be registered and will recieve an ID badge, notebook, and classroom materials as needed

B. Registration fee: A one time $5.00 registration fee per student covers notebook, pencils/pens, classroom materials, crafts, class photo, ID tag, Certificate of Graduation

C. Registration time: Students should register before and after service the last two Sundays of August through the first Sunday of September. A $5.00 fee is still required for students registering after the beginning of the school year.

D. Students attending classes at least once a month will mantain a visitors status and will recieve materials for notes and class participation as needed, Their contact information is still required for attendance.


E. Students who pass class quizzes, exams and homework (all of which can be made up during the course of the school year) will receive a certificate of graduation.

F. Students whose attendance does not permit participation in quizzes, exams and homework will receive a certificate of participation at their class level

Homework and Tests:

G. In classes, parents and students can expect: 1. One homework assignment per month*. 2. One quiz per month. 3. One test every three months. 4. One final exam the third week of June. 5. One class graduation party the last Sunday of June (Party/Class Photo/Diploma**).

*Home requires parent participation **Diplomas and photos will be available the first three Sundays of July after service

H. The Sunday School information packet will be provided to parents of all registered students at registration or at any time at the parents’ request during the school year.

I. The Sunday School curriculum will be posted online on the Sunday School page at

J. Parents of all registered students will receive a monthly update and summary from the principal by email. Parent comments and feedback to the Sunday School principal in person or by email at are welcomed and encouraged.

Sunday School Class Schedule:

With the abbreviated Sunday Service schedule (10:00-11:00) we have only one hour a week to convey the Sunday lesson. Classes need to begin promptly at 10:00 am in the individual classrooms.

Realistically, teachers and co-instructors should arrive before 9:45 on Sunday morning to prepare for teaching. Beginning this year, opening prayer, offerings and announcements (if any) are conducted in each infividual classroom rather than at a pre-class student gathering.

Clean Up: Of course each week we need to leave the rooms in the condition we find them, but, given the shorter schedule, it’s left to the teacher’s descression as to whether time should be taken at the end of class for students to put the room in order or volunteers invited to assist the teachers after class has ended.


Personal Investment: I’d like to encourage all students, second grade and up, to give an offering from their own resources. Rather than a dollar from Mom or Dad, a tithe of 10% from their own pocket can be our goal. Even if it only amounts to a dime or a quarter from their allowance or chore money, such an offering will have more meaning for the students who give it.

Classroom Comportment and Discipline

Please reference the Sunday School Student Code of Conduct for our student standard of behavior

Patience and calm are our watchwords. Enthusiasm and good humor our toold. Be flexible enough to digress and don’t resist humor, silliness and entertainment. Laughter is a great indicator of student engagement. Be merciful, and also remember that you’re bigger than they are.

If a student is ultimately unable or unwilling to follow instruction or is disrupting class, it is left to the teacher’s judgement as to wether removal from classroom that week is required. Escorting a student from the classroo, to join his/her parents in service or having the parent called from service to remove their child from the classroom is our last resort and our strongest act of discipline.

Any other forms of punishment or humiliation of students, verbal or physical, are absolutely impermissable.

Any concerms or comments about student behavior should be addressed to both the principal and/or the student’s parent in person, by phone or email. Please cc any emails to the principal’s attention.

As Sunday School teachers we agree to follow the above guidelines for comportment and discipline.