Thanksgiving Nursery Lesson



Learning Objective: The children will think about what God has blessed them with abundantly.

  • Learn to say please & thank you.
  • The story of the pilgrims & Indians
  • Gratitude for God, family and food
  • Learn about the symbol & meaning of the cornucopia.


Read Aloud: Pass the Roles (We should say please and thank you” and be grateful for our food & family!)


What is Thanksgiving?

  • A time for families to eat together and share what they are grateful for.


How did it start? (Pilgrims & Indians)

  • A long time ago when our forefathers came to America, the Pilgrims, the first thing they did was build a church. Then homes, school.etc.
  • They had to learn how to farm on this new land- the Native American Indians helped them learn how to make certain foods!
  • They became great friends & helped each other.
  • One day- they had a feast together to thank God and thank each other for their help & friendship.
  • Now we celebrate Thanksgiving too!


Simple Craft: Make Pilgrim & Indian Hats


Cornucopia Lesson:


  • Show the children the picture or decoration of a cornucopia.  “Does anyone know what this is called?”
  • “It is called a cornucopia.  Now repeat that word after me, corn-u-cop-ia.” If possible, write the word cornucopia on a whiteboard for them to see.
  • “Does anyone know what a cornucopia is for or what it means?”
  • “We see cornucopias around the time of Thanksgiving because a cornucopia represents all the good things God has given us.  Look at all the beautiful fruit in this cornucopia.  It looks very good!  Seeing a cornucopia around Thanksgiving time helps us to remember to thank God for all the good food He will give us on our Thanksgiving table.”
  •  “But, God doesn’t just give us food.  I am going to read to you a verse from the Bible.  It is John 10:10.”
  • Read aloud the Bible verse. “This verse says, ‘I came that they may have life…’.  Who is the ‘I’ in this verse?”
  • “Jesus is the person speaking in this verse and He says He will give us life.  But not just any kind of life, He will give us life abundantly.”
  • “Abundantly is a big word.  Repeat it after me, a-bun-dant-ly.  Does anyone know what it means?”
  • “Abundantly means ‘a lot, plenty, or a big amount’.  So Jesus came to give us a good life.  A life full of good things.”
  • “When we become a Christian and follow Jesus, He gives us a life full of joy, good things to do and good friends.”
  • “The cornucopia at Thanksgiving reminds us of the abundant life God has given to us when we turn away from our sins, believe in Jesus, and live for Him.”
  • “What are some good things God has given you in your life?”  Take some suggestions from the children.


Cornucopia Coloring Page:


  • “You will now each get your own cornucopia.  Right now it is empty, but you are going to fill it with what God has given you in your abundant life.  You will draw inside your cornucopia the good things God has given to you.”
  • Pass out the cornucopia worksheet and crayons.  The children will then draw things they are thankful for in their life.


Read Aloud: Countdown to Thanksgiving