This activity is meant to be an opportunity for the group to practice loving their own members and also overcoming their obstacles in loving others. You’ll need a roll of large sized paper.

  1. Start the evening with a testimony about overcoming difficulties in truly loving people from a deep place.

  2. Give time for the youth to identify why it might be difficult to love people with no hesitation.

  3. Give each youth a few feet of large paper to write out a simple statement that represents their obstacle.

  4. Have a staff member demonstrate the activity by:

  5. Sharing their obstacle in front of the group

    • Standing a few feet behind their paper and running full speed through the paper to break through it.

    • Have the rest of the group stand on the opposite side of the paper to embrace them in a big hug and cheers after breaking through.

    • Encourage each person to do the activity if they feel comfortable.