Invite members of your local church community to share about their career field. Make sure you have a variety of fields represented such as Agriculture, Food & Natural Resource Systems, Business & Management, Human Resources, Arts, Information & Communication, Health Services and Industrial Engineering Systems. Just do the best you can.

You can structure the night in a few different ways:

  1. Guest Speaker Series:

    1. Ask each person to share on the following topics in front of your entire youth group:

      1. Why they chose their field

        1. What education is required for this field

        2. What a typical day on the job is like

        3. How does their spirituality/life of faith tie into their work?

  2. Rotational Series:

    1. Give the youth a list of the guest speakers and have them choose 2-3 that they would be interested in learning more about.

    2. Have them rotate through 2-3 stations to hear each speaker they chose.

  3. Offer Q & A at the end of either style session

  4. If your professionals are open to it you could have a sign up list for youth who would like to talk more in depth with one of the guest speakers. They could sign up for “Coffee with a Professional” to learn more about their field