Through mentoring we are raised to our own spiritual maturity

  1. Begin with a talk about how we growth through “expanding”. Here are some points to keep in mind:

    • We are raised in our own spiritual maturity

    • We are able to understand God’s parental heart

    • We can see transform our thinking and see from God’s point of view

    • We can collaborate with God by reaching out to others and impacting their life

  2. Ask the youth to think of someone in their life that they want to reach out to and reflect on these points:

    • How does God see them?

    • What does God appreciate about them?

    • What is God’s hope for them?

  3. Have the youth write this person a letter based on these points.

  4. Seal the letter in an envelope and put a stamp on it.

  5. Challenge the youth to go home, find that person’s address and mail it to them and see what happens!

Supplies: envelopes, paper, pens, stamps