1. Split your youth into small groups

  2. Hand them one of the following scavenger hunt lists:

    1. Service Scavenger Hunt Home: Assign each group a church family’s home and have them serve that home

    2. Service Scavenger Hunt Public: Assign each group an area surrounding your meeting spot and serve the community

  3. Make sure everyone has a camera to take photos of their service

  4. Gather together, share photos & stories

If you prefer to make your own check lists here is the text of the Scavenger Hunts: 

In the Community

  • Return 5 Shopping Carts for people

  • Help 3 people carry their groceries to their car

  • Clean 5 people’s windshield for them at the gas station

  • Leave uplifting notes on 5 cars in a parking lot

  • Tape 5 uplifting notes in a public bathroom

  • Pick up trash at a local park or parking lot

  • Give a flower to 3 different people and wish them a great day

  • Give 3 people a sincere compliment

  • Make your own good deed!

At a Home

  • Clean a bathroom

  • Take out the trash

  • Vacuum a living room

  • Sweep a kitchen floor

  • Unload a dishwasher

  • Wipe down kitchen cupboard doors

  • Clean a microwave

  • Fold some laundry

  • Help make a meal

  • Wash some windows

  • Home owner’s choice