Assign each kid a number of 1 or 2.

  1. Have all kids think about something they believe in without a doubt, (ex: Ice cream is good) it can be as goofy as they want (which is great for middle school) or it can be more serious if you wanted to go deeper (Ex: I believe abortion is wrong, or I believe in True Parents).

  2. Give the kids 2-5 min (depending on the seriousness) to think about why they believe in what they chose, and can even give them paper if it is a more serious one.

  3. Then call separate the room into the two groups and call a number, then the number that is called out has to find someone from other group to share what they believe in. The other group has to try to counter their belief and ask them tough questions. Then after 2-4 min (depending on seriousness), have them go back to their groups and call out the opposite number,. Each time they have to make sure they have a different partner.

  4. Purpose: In order to truly expand our faith we must be able to share our beliefs even when people may attack us for them. We have to know how to continue to believe in something even when people we love don’t believe in the same things. It can be lots of fun to argue about silly things too. If you are talking about deeper things, it may be difficult especially when friends may share their beliefs and they have to debate, but it can create confidence so when they share with friends or strangers it is a lot easier and they have already practiced.

Submitted by Melissa Manor & the Maryland Youth Ministry