Tamami Okano (Worcester, MA): Starting With Me

  1. Identify what is holding you back
  2. Be Present
  3. Model Appropriate Behavior
  4. Not give yourself an out
  5. Let God work through you

Josh Hunter (Maryland): Setting the Tone (for a speaker or activity)

  1. Have a clear plan and points
  2. Know our purpose is for the kids, not for ourselves
  3. Know what the purpose and intention of the night is
  4. Give the talk the respect of preparation
  5. Pray before and invite God in

Leilani Owens (Florida): Logistics

  1. Be Organized
  2. Apply Transitions
  3. Make Music Your Friend
  4. Miracles Don’t Happen Overnight

Sungil Fleischman (Bay Area, California): Meeting the Audience

  1. Have a clear idea of the purpose of the night
  2. State your purpose to the audience clearly
  3. Don’t mistake deep thought for lack of interest
  4. Utilize Your Staff:Staff testimonies demonstrate the activity depth
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