The program works in 3 rounds and features a challenge between the boys and girls. Put the names of all the boys in one hat, and do the same for the girls. Select names at random from each hat to determine the challengers for each round. Each round is worth points, and the group with the largest amount of points wins at the end. To keep things interesting, you can make round 3 worth the most amount of points if one group is dominating.

Round 1: Trivia

Battle of the Sexes

10 points each. 2 girls vs. 2 boys (letting 2 people work together for each question prevents people from feeling embarrassed) 

Questions for Guys:     

  1. Which bra size is the largest? A, AA, or AAA? A
  2. Bathing suits that are a cross between a one-piece and a bikini are called what? Tankinis
  3. What is the style of manicure where the tip of the nail is painted white and the rest of the nail is painted light pink? A French-tip manicure.
  4. How many times a month is a woman suppose to get her period? Once.
  5. Who was the first American Idol? Kelly Clarkson
  6. What is a woman doing if she gets “lowlights”? Dyeing strands of her hair at least two shades darker than the rest of her hair.
  7. Platform, wedge, and stiletto are types of what? Shoes.
  8. Where would you find a colander? The kitchen.
  9. Which astrological sign would you be if you were born on Jan. 2nd? Capricorn
  10. Who wrote Pride and Prejudice? Jane Austen.
  11. What is a loofah? A rough sponge used to remove dry or dead skin cells.
  12. Which of the following products is normally used to help women relieve symptoms of    PMS- Midol, Tylenol, or Excedrin? Midol.
  13. What color was the necklace that was thrown into the Ocean in the movie Titanic? Blue
  14. What are the names of all of the Cullen children in the movie/book “Twilight”? Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice

Questions for Girls:

  1. Flank and Porterhouse are types of what? Steak
  2. Which interactive entertainment company includes the super-successful Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda and Pokemen games in its stable? Nintendo.
  3. What is a lug? The nut that attaches a wheel to an axel.
  4. In what sport does the top team win the Stanley Cup? Ice Hockey (NHL)
  5. What National Scenic Trail crosses 14 states? The Appalachian Trail.
  6. What three sports comprise a Triathlon? Biking, Swimming and running.
  7.  What basketball team plays their home games in Madison Square Garden? The New York Knicks.
  8. What dot-gobbling icon become the first electronic arcade game sensation in the 1960s? Pacman.
  9. What is a sheep shank? A Boy Scout knot.
  10.  What is a Black Hawk? A helicopter.
  11.  What was the name of Han Solo’s spacecraft in the Star Wars movies? The millennium Falcon.
  12. Where would you use a “half-nelson”? In a wrestling ring.
  13.  What is better in poker- a flush or full house? Full house.
  14.   Name the main character of Metroid. Samus


Round 2: Stereotypes
Stereotypically there are things which boys tend to better than girls and vise versa. Select 1-3 names from each gender to go head to head in these contests:

  • Boy battles:
    • Loudest burp,
    • best sound effect (whip crack,airplane crash, machine gun),
    • eating,
    • spitting
  • Girl battles:
    • painting nails,
    • hair braiding,
    • flexibility,
    • make up

Round 3: Whole Group Challenges
These challenges are between the entire group of boys and entire group of girls. You can choose as many as you like or as few as you like. 

  • 40 Unity Jumping Jacks
  • Passing the orange between your necks only going through the line up, maybe the goal is to pass 5 different fruits to the bowl at the other  end of the room – orange, banana, Apple, and a pineapple!
  • Minute to Win It

    Have 5-6 rounds of minute to win it challenges. Some of the activities require pairs, some require just one person.

    Here are a few favorites:

    •  penny hose (2 pairs of panty hose and 4 pennies),
    • paper dragon (4 rolls of streamers, or toilet paper),
    • face the cookie (cookies),
    • chocolate chip flip (cookies, baking sheet),
    • mad dog (tictacs, a stick/ruler),
    • johnny apple stack (apples),
    • nose dive (peanut butter, cotton balls),
    • ready spaghetti (spaghetti, empty soda cans),
    • office maximus (bouncy ball, things to knock down),
    • junk in the trunk ( probably 2 brothers, empty boxes, any small objects),
    • high strung (egg, rubber band, 2 bottles),
    • elephant march (pantyhose, base/tennis ball, items to knock over.),
    • egg dance (2 trays, 2 eggs),
    • tea party (baseball cap, tea bags)
    • yank me (5 plastic cups, stock paper)

    You can find all the blueprints and demo video’s here
    It’s fun to use these video’s to make the activities seem exciting.

Submitted by Maryland Youth Ministry

Summer FunManish Saluja