This is a fun evening program that can be used to get everyone laughing! Great for team bonding, but watch out! If you crack a smile your team takes the fall!

How it works:

Each team will take turns being the in the hot seats of the game, while all others surround and watch the show!

THE SETTING: Imagine your team is in a library. Like any library, you are not allowed to make any noise. The team is positioned around a table, each member with one card face down in front of them. All of the cards have smiley faces on them aside from one which is marked by a skull and crossbones. The members have no idea which card is cursed. At the same time, all players flip over their cards, revealing their destiny. Whichever player has the skull and crossbones has to perform an embarrassing/funny task. If the team laughs at any point during the performance, they lose points. Once the round is over, the cards are shuffled and another team takes their turn at the table.

THE TASKS: (these are examples but be creative and make up some of your own!)

  • Fish Slap: The player on the left of the unlucky player who has the skull card must slap them in the face three times with A DEAD FISH. No Laughing!
  • -Whoopee Cushion:The player must blow up a whoopee cushion and sit on it seven times in a row, each followed by “Sorry.”
  • -Chubby Bunny: The player must stuff marshmallows (or grapes) one by one into their mouth each time declaring “Chubby Bunny.”
  • Cinnamon Challenge: The player must swallow a spoonful of cinnamon.
  • -”Honey I really, really love you but I just can’t smile”: The player put a pantyhose on their head and goes up to each person on their team, no smiling, and say “honey I really really love you but I just can’t smile.”
  • Tape Face- The player’s team must take scotch tape and apply it to the player’s face stretching it (i.e. pig nose, pulling down cheeks etc.) . The player must then recite the pledge of allegiance to their team.
  • Impressions- The player must do 3 impressions. Some examples are valley girl, core staff, russian man, little girl, famous people, etc.
  • -Hand Man- The person to the left of the player becomes his/her hands. The player puts their hands behind their back, the other member must then become their arms. They can perform a task such as eating a messy meal or doing their own makeup.
  • -Fat Man Twister- The player must put on an XXL sweatsuit (it’s a worthy investment! But if you do not have one of these a large tshirt may work as well) stuffed with blankets and pillows until they are huge. They then play twister on their own until they fall. (Alternatively, if you have two fatsuits, two players can verse each other).
  • -Chin Face- Someone else on the team draws an upside down nose and eyes onto the skull player’s chin. The player’s real mouth is the mouth of the chin man. Player must tell a story to their team with their head upside down using the chin face. This is more effective if you can find a way to cover the rest of the player’s face/body. Some ideas are to get a large piece of cardboard with a section cut out for the chin, or a sheet with a hole in it.

Submitted by Maryjean Hunter and Cecile Caron and the Maryland Youth Ministry

Summer FunManish Saluja