Although this game is used in parties with alcohol, this version is wholesome and appropriate for Youth Group.

  1. Split the group into 2 teams.
  2. Line up cups along each side of a rectangular table so each side has the same number of cups. Fill each cup the same amount with whatever beverage you choose.
  3. Line up on either side of the table so that your opponent from the other team is standing across from you.
  4. Before the starting round, everyone at the table should raise their cup to “touch cups” with the opposing player from across them.
  5. When you say go, the first two opponents should begin by drinking their water/soda/juice and flip their cup upside down.
  6. They should set the cup on the edge of the table open side down and flip their cup.
    • Set the cup so that part of the cup is off of the table and flick one finger upwards to make the cup flip. The cup should make a 180 degree rotation and land open side down.
  7. Continue down the line until one team has finished drinking and flipping. The first team to finish wins.

Submitted by Kwonji Reese and the Ohio Youth Ministry