1. This game is best played if the whole church or several rooms are available to use.
  2. Ask one or two people to be the “Grogs” (depending on your size) and have everyone else gather outside or in one room.
  3. The grogs should open the flashlight and remove the batteries. They should hide all parts of the batteries in visible but not completely obvious places.
  4. Once ready, the rest of the players are let loose and run around trying to find the pieces of the flashlight so that they can assemble it. But the lights should be turned off so it is completely dark.
  5. During this time the Grogs are trying to tag people. Grogs can only walk and can optionally make “grog” like noises to let people know they are coming.
  6. If someone is tagged by a Grog they are frozen in place. They can be unfrozen when the “nurse” finds them. When the nurse finds them the tagged person must do 3 kyungbae’s and then they can continue in the game.
  7. Once the flashlight is assembled they must shine a light on the Grog(s) and the game is finished.

[Another way of playing this game is there is no nurse and only one Grog. If all the youth are frozen before they youth can assemble the flashlight, the Grog wins that round]

Submitted by Melissa Manor and the Maryland Youth Ministry