1. Prepare a list of tasks to do (about 7) and assign each task a word and a hint.
    1. Task: Get in a line from shortest to tallest. Word: Growth. Hint: Raising the bar
    2. Task: Do 21 unity jumping jacks. Word: Unity. Hint: Twenty-One
    3. Task: Have the whole team do the wave by throwing their arms up in the air. Word: Wave. Hint: Baseball Game.
    4. Task: (With duck tape) Have everyone where duck tape mustaches. Word: November Hint: Upper lip
    5. Task: (With volley ball) Play unity ball and get 21 consecutive hits. Word: Unity Hint: Jump, set
    6. Task: Have everyone battle you (the team leader) in rock paper scissors. Word: Shoot Hint: Paper cut
    7. Divide your youth into equal teams of no less than 5 people. Assign a team leader to each team.
  2. Tell everyone you will need to use team work and imagination and to listen to their team leader to accomplish this activity!
  3. Spread the groups out so they cannot hear or see each other.
  4. Instruct the team leaders beforehand that they should say nothing but the designated word for their task. The team leader should act ignoration of the objective and let their team experiment and attempt various ideas they come up with.
  5. If the team makes an attempt and it was incorrect, the team leader should make a buzzer sound and repeat the one word. If they complete a task, the team leader makes a “ding!” and says the next word.
    1. If after 10 minutes they do not complete the task, the team leader may provide the hint.
    2. If after 20 minutes they do not get it, the team leader may come up with other hints to use.
  6. Once a team completes all the tasks, they are to go back to the original meeting place.

Submitted by Ethan Young and the Ohio Youth Ministry