1. Purpose: to allow participants to acknowledge and appreciate each other for who they are.
  2. Give an introductory talk about how we all have value because we are Gods children and sometimes it is hard to see ourselves as valuable. Try to focus on the importance of being able to freely express acknowledgment and value towards each other without being held back to help each other see our value.
  3. Pass out 5 post-it notes and a pen to each participants to start off (it’s good to have a stack of extras in an accessible place for them as well).
  4. Tell the participants to throughout the workshop, youth ministry program, camp, dinner, etc… to give each other acknowledgements in the form of these notes. The messages may be anonymous if they want.

    *this activity worked really well during one of our YM programs with the high schoolers. Sometimes it does take a while for it to get momentum and may be slow to start, it’s good to have staff or yourself already have written ones to get it going. The activity worked well as something going on in the backdrop of something else, i.e. dinner, hang out time.

Submitted by Toyomichi Hagiwara and the New York Youth Ministry