This activity should follow a talk on the walls we build up around ourselves because we are afraid of being our true selves.

  1. Give time for reflection on what types of walls we build up around ourselves.
  2. Have the youth come up with 4-5 walls that they use to hide their true self, such as: humor, fashion, independent, shy, etc.. Have them write each of those words in large font on 4-5 pieces of paper. Each wall should be on separate piece of paper.
  3. Have everyone punch two holes at the top of those papers and use string/ribbon to make the papers into a large necklace.
  4. Split the youth into small groups.
  5. In those small groups, have the youth take turns sharing about the first wall on their necklace and how it stops them from being the real them. When they are finished sharing about that wall, they should tear that paper off the necklace. 
  6. Continue the process until all of the walls have been taken off and all they are left with is themselves; no walls.
  7. Have some type of debrief or celebration about taking down your walls and making your true self visible.
opening upManish Saluja